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The best way to understand the needs of a Shopify merchant is to become one. I created the Vegan Fanatic brand to experience what it’s like to build and launch a retail business with Shopify. I designed and built everything - brand, products, SEO, social media, graphics, and Shopify store.
The Vegan Fanatic brand follows the explosive growth of veganism in popular culture. The product is activism apparel, or clothes with designs that spread vegan ideology. Vegans are at once both proud of their ethics and eager to spread them. So a simple shirt with a clever vegan slogan is an opportunity to proudly identify with the movement and also spread the message.

To facilitate that message in the brand identity, I utilized the classic rebel scheme - white on black. For the brand and for many of the products I chose fonts inspired by historical revolutionary posters of the 20th century.
The retail store at is built on Shopify. The shop is using a premium theme selected from the theme store that was designed to provide a fast, mobile-first experience. (Streamline)

The order system is automated so that when a customer places an order, Printful gets a signal and will make and ship the item automagically.

There are hundreds of variations of clothing item, design, size, color, and stock. After a bit of setup, Shopify can manage all of that through an integration with Printful.
The business uses a drop-shipping model, meaning the products are printed, fulfilled, and shipped after the item is ordered. This model saves the need for warehousing and allowed me to launch this business with little to no risk or waste. Isn’t e-commerce great?

I created 9 original designs to be printed on a variety of clothing options. The messages range from the clever to the challenging. To make the shirt designs I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Figma, and Procreate for iPad.

I selected a few choice printers with a high standard of quality and used certified organic cotton materials for the product (and wrote a blog post about why). Since this brand is focused on ethics I chose premium products that would last longer and have a lower impact on the environment.

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