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Web Design
To serve their unique clients, Kirschbaum & Nowotny had unqiue accessibility needs for their website. I set them up with a custom-designed site that is mobile-responsive, accessible to their client base, and bilingual (like their team).
A Unique Approach
The kind people at Kirschbaum & Nowotny are excellent at helping people in vulnerable postions, like refugees, navigate a confusing and daunting U.S. immigration law system. For their clients, a phone call or face to face interaction is often the ideal way to understand their unique needs.

For this reason, you won't find chatbots, questionnaire forms, or other communcation shortcuts here that can be common on other websites. While those tools may save time for some businesses, clients with nuanced or sensitive legal situations are better served by opening up direct communication with a legal professional as soon as possible. That's why all of the calls to action (CTAs) on this website lead to the office phone, email, & address.
Mobile Design
60% of K&N’s measured traffic is on a mobile device, but the firm previously didn't have a mobile-friendly website.

Now clients can access - and easily use - their website on any device from desktop to mobile. With Webflow and a mobile-first design philosophy, it’s easier than ever to develop a fully responsive website.
Did I mention that the entire team at Kirschbaum & Nowotny LLC is bilingual in English and Spanish?

Many of their clients are native Spanish speakers, so to provide the best service it’s essential that clients have access to critical information in Spanish.

The language selector that I built is brightly styled and animates on page load so if a Spanish speaker arrives on the English-language version of the page they will quickly notice the button and then click it to easily swap to their native language. The site content is translated manually to provide the best experience.

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