How much time do you have?
the short about
Hi, I’m Taylor. I live in Vancouver, WA and my favorite color is green. I served in the US Army for 5 years as a Cryptologic Linguist. Then I went to college and studied design.

Now I'm a UX (User Experience) Designer at Bureaux agency where I design and build Shopify themes and other websites.

My hobbies include:
  • Nerding out in front of the computer
  • Learning to cook vegan food
  • Long walks in the woods
the long about
Hello, I’m Taylor Nowotny. I’m an independent web designer / developer living in the verdant Pacific Northwest USA.

Before I was a designer I was a soldier. I trained at the intensive Defense Language Institute to become an Afghan Pashto linguist. I graduated with honors and went to work at the National Security Agency (NSA) where I served as part of an elite team fighting the proliferation of explosives in Afghanistan. It was an exciting career but I eventually left the Army in pursuit of independence.

After the military I went to school to study design & philosophy. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Evergreen State College.

Now I use my wizard computer skills to design and build Shopify themes and other websites for amazing clients. I'm currently working at Bureaux agency as a UX (User Experience) Designer.

My career is an experiment in generalism. The best products, websites included, elegantly blend form with function.. Likewise I believe designers should know and use code to build their own designs. Typically design & development are separate domains, but I think this is not optimal. Designers who understand the technology they design for are able to make websites that are simultaneously beautiful, functional, and fast.